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Winter the Season of Hope

February, being the last of the winter months, often ends up being the coldest.

This said there are signs of spring everywhere, Galanthus nivalis (snowdrops)the first to emerge, they arrive when they are most needed, as the cold winds from the North chill you to the bone. En masse they are a wonderful sight…

Narcissi, Crocus and Eranthis (winter aconites) follow on and Cyclamen as the days lengthen ‘lift the spirit’. If you haven’t already, now is your last chance to ‘winter prune’ Wisteria.
There is still time to prune top fruit , before the sap begins to rise, and planting of soft fruit may continue throughout February.

Looking Ahead...

Every garden looks wonderful the last week in May and early June, you must always look to the other months, do not make the mistake of limiting your planting choice to spring and early summer,consider plants that look good year-round. Evergreen shrubs, interesting bark, stem colour and perennial grasses all add interest to the garden .


winter the season of hope

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