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Garden Design, Construction, from conception to completion across the United Kingdom.

Creating Gardens and Landscapes to lift the spirit and ease the mind. Individual spaces for contemplation, enjoyment and peace.

With over 40 years experience in horticulture, Philip provides guidance, expertise and thought provoking ideas. Working alongside the client in all stages of the process from conception to completion.

A ‘sense of place’ in keeping with the home and surrounding landscape be it town or country, tailored to the owners dreams, aspirations and lifestyle.

Gardens take time to evolve, therefore I work closely with clients to ensure the process is smooth and enjoyable, an exciting journey through the seasons.

Using where possible local materials and planting schemes which work in harmony with the surrounding countryside and indigenous flora.

Town and country gardens in the  South West and across the United Kingdom. 

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We specialise in Design - Construction - Planting - Specialist Pruning - Horticultural and Environmental Consultancy - Land-forming - Drainage - Bio Engineering - Wildflower Meadows - Project Management from conception to completion.